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September 2018



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Eric Bogle, The Fureys, Dropkick Murphys, Hannes Wader - No Man’s Land / The Green Fields Of France

Известную во всем англо-саксонском свете антивоенную балладу "Ничья земля" (другое название - "Зеленые поля Франции") австралийский бард Эрик Богл (Eric Bogle) написал в 1976-ом, после поездки по Европе и посещения кладбищ, оставшихся со времен Первой Мировой. За основу он взял старинную шотландскую песню "Waly, Waly, but Love be Bonny", поскольку именно она зазвучала в памяти музыканта, когда, устав от пешей прогулки, он присел рядом с могилой 19-летнего солдата Вилли МакБрайда (Willie McBride).

Баллада почти мгновенно стала популярной: ее перевели на иностранные языки, исполняли траурных церемониях в память о всех павших на полях сражений, на пацифистских манифестациях и фестивалях (включая совсем недавние - против оккупации Ирака). Историки из военного музея "In Flanders Fields" (в г. Ипр, Бельгия) насчитали десять человек с таким именем в списках погибших, три из них погибли в 1916-ом (эта дата указана в стихах Богла).

Позже песню исполняли многие авторы и группы. Самыми знаменитыми исполнителями стали The Fureys и кельто-панки из "Dropkick Murphys" (о "Workers Song" которых писал beda56 ). В клипах - монтаж фотографий 1914-1917 гг..

Dropkick Murphys - No Man’s Land

The Fureys and Davey Arthur - The Green Fields Of France

Eric Bogle - No Man’s Land

Well, how do you do, Private William McBride,
Do you mind if I sit down here by your graveside?
And rest for awhile in the warm summer sun,
I've been walking all day, and I'm nearly done.
And I see by your gravestone you were only 19
When you joined the glorious fallen in 1916,
Well, I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean
Or, Willie McBride, was it slow and obscene?

Did they Beat the drum slowly, did the play the pipes lowly?
Did the rifles fir o'er you as they lowered you down?
Did the bugles sound The Last Post in chorus?
Did the pipes play the Flowers of the Forest?

And did you leave a wife or a sweetheart behind
In some loyal heart is your memory enshrined?
And, though you died back in 1916,
To that loyal heart are you forever 19?
Or are you a stranger without even a name,
Forever enshrined behind some glass pane,
In an old photograph, torn and tattered and stained,
And fading to yellow in a brown leather frame?

The sun's shining down on these green fields of France;
The warm wind blows gently, and the red poppies dance.
The trenches have vanished long under the plow;
No gas and no barbed wire, no guns firing now.
But here in this graveyard that's still No Man's Land
The countless white crosses in mute witness stand
To man's blind indifference to his fellow man.
And a whole generation who were butchered and damned.

And I can't help but wonder, no Willie McBride,
Do all those who lie here know why they died?
Did you really believe them when they told you "The Cause?"
Did you really believe that this war would end wars?
Well the suffering, the sorrow, the glory, the shame
The killing, the dying, it was all done in vain,
For Willie McBride, it all happened again,
And again, and again, and again, and again.

См. Eric Bogle исполняет No Man's Land вместе с Hannes Wader, который перевел песню на немецкий. Отдельно версия Ханнеса Вадера (см. Die Moorsoldaten, спасибо delphinov ) на немецком называется "Es ist an der Zeit". Однажды он спел ее вместе Константином Векером (см. Sage nein! с подстрочником pinguinchen ) и Райнхардом Меем ("Lilienthals Traum", "Alles OK in Guantanamo Bay",  ).

Hannes Wader, Reinhard Mey, Konstantin Wecker - Es ist an der Zeit

Текст "Waly, Waly, Love be Bonny"

O WALY, waly up the bank,
And waly, waly down the brae,
And waly, waly yon burn side,
Where I and my love were wont to gae.
I leant my back unto an aik,
I thought it was a trusty tree;
But first it bow'd, and syne it brak,
Sae my true love did lichtly me.

O waly, waly, but gin love be bonny,
A little time while it is new;
But when its auld, it waxeth cauld,
And fades awa' like morning dew. p. 127
O wherfore shuld I busk my head?
Or wherfore shuld I kame my hair?
For my true love has me forsook,
And says he'll never loe me mair.

Now Arthur-Seat sall be my bed,
The sheets shall neir be prest by me:
Saint Anton's well sall be my drink,
Since my true love has forsaken me.
Marti'mas wind, when wilt thou blaw,
And shake the green leaves aff the tree?
O gentle death, when wilt thou cum?
For of my life I am wearìe.

'Tis not the frost that freezes fell,
Nor blawing snaws inclemencìe;
'Tis not sic cauld that makes me cry,
But my love's heart grown cauld to me.
Whan we came in by Glasgow town,
We were a comely sight to see;
My love was clad in black velvet,
And I myself in cramasìe.

But had I wist, before I kist,
That love had been sae ill to win, p. 128
I had lockt my heart in a case of gowd,
And pinnd it with a siller pin.
And, oh! that my young babe were born,
And set upon the nurse's knee,
And I myself were dead and gane!
And the green grass growing over me.
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"...однажды он спел ее с Константином Вадером..."
нет, с Константином Векером!
описался :)
ставьте ударение в глаголе где удобнее :(
да это все ерундистика
главное, что песня та, вы ж не на пугачеву ссылку дали
Орднунг таки мус зайн
и потому - спасибо за поправку

О Векере по-русски практически ничего нет в сети и потому важно, чтобы была хоть какая-то тропинка.